Thursday, August 07, 2014


We've found out some sad news about a family member being very ill. we're hoping it's not cancer and we'll find out more soon. Just everyone feels in shock. prayers and positive energy and thoughts are being sent to our family member.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some very cool weather after the humidity~

A few days ago, we had a big thunder storm that hit a few transformers and we lost power for a few hours. thankfully, it came back on and since that day, we've had very cool weather. It feels like fall all of the sudden. I just hope it warms up a little to keep all our gardens going strong and that we have a longer warmer period of time so that winter is kept at bay (hopefully).


This year I have finally gotten a good crop of tomatoes. I'm overjoyed by the amount...I've picked them mostly before they are red because I don't trust the squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. They are sneaky...and I also didn't want the plant to break branches...this many tomatoes. I think they would have gotten red sooner but we've had so many gray days. Ah, well...

I started some very late zucchini and some other squash. I'm planning to transplant to my hoop garden and then around late September we'll add the plastic to keep it all warm. Plus, I will have a section filled with warm horse manure to keep the plants happy. Honestly, this has made all the difference, I believe, horse manure. Seriously amazing things happen.

I'm a busy minion
I also took out about 13 peony bushes that were getting no sun and transplanted them by the fence. I hope to God they survive and thrive. I don't expect flowers next year but in 2 years, perhaps. We shall see. I feel a little sore from all of that working. I wanted to transplant the hydrangea bush but want to make sure about seasons and what to do first. I think it would thrive with more sun as well...but I'll research this first.

I think I was feeling a bit tired from the cloudy days we've had and chilly. I need sun! It feels wrong to have such little sun in them middle of summer. Even the rain was cold. :(

My mom told me about this wonderful show called Venentia's Essays and I've been watching them every evening. Very calming and insightful. Plus, so informative about Japan and the lovely slower pace of life. It's a happy feeling. Plus, she looks a little like my auntie Dimka.

Another thing is we are without a 2nd the shop as the belt broke. But should be getting it back soon. It's just made staying at home our focus during the week. I seem to be very good at staying home. ha ha

I should ask Jon if they are going to bring back the mushroom research facility at Penn State. That was a pity when it closed about 3 years ago. They had the best deals for mushrooms....a 10 pound box of mushrooms for $10. Ah, they say, they good ol' days. I've thought about growing our own...we did have a little log for mushrooms but as it is, I've never eaten one off of it. I think it finally composted away in the bushes. Anyway, it's a thought.

I've been working on small art paintings and sewing some projects here and there. I made a Link (from Zelda) painting for my daughter's birthday. It came out rather well and I think she'll enjoy it.

We had some adventures moving our old got stuck on the drive way (on an old stump) and Jon and his dad finally got it backed up and positioned well. Good job! I was nervous but they did it.

I've been so focused on the garden and trying to do small things here and there...I guess it's the way of life. Everyone has something they need to do and I'm very grateful for those moments when you can just sit and relax.

Friday, July 25, 2014

“The marksman hitteth the mark partly by pulling, partly by letting go.”

- Egyptian proverb 

missing Mr. Nelson~

Is it strange to miss a dog that has been gone for a few years now? I guess I got a little startled last night...Scout, who is white, walked by and out of the corner of my eye, I thought Mr. Nelson! Then, I saw some teddy bears that made me think of Mr. Nelson's nose and fur. He was a true sweetie...even if he drove me crazy. lol Ah,'s to my Mr. Nelson. Furever in my heart~

Mr. Nelson's snout

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Some new art and thoughts~

feeling pleased that things are starting to fall gently into place~ Even if the rest of the world is scary and sad, good things are still going on. I feel so sorry for the plane that was destroyed over the Ukraine...for no other reason then it was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Horrible waste of life.

There was a lot of darkness this week and the previous. A little cousin of mine passed away and I've been trying to wrap my mind around that. I know he's in heaven but I feel so sad for my aunt and her son (he's child who passed). There are no words I can write that bring any solace. I know they are deeply religious and that helps. It does make me feel it is good to have an anchor of a church/group to be with to mourn and cherish life with. It also makes me realize that there is so much to be thankful for, even if our time with each other is short. It's precious and parting is a parting of meetings again, some day for all of us. 

So many thoughts~I guess that's good and part of life, really. It's a blessing mingled with bitterness at times, I think. The best is to know that we are all here and can enjoy our little worlds in the best way we can...I truly believe we do need to remember that being alive IS the special occasion. <3 nbsp="" p="">


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