Thursday, April 17, 2014

a good walk will do that to you

I'm feeling poetic today. I don't care if it's gotten a bit cold's sunny, the air is sweet with moist soil, the plants and grass are starting to turn green and it feels like spring. :)

It feels like something has changed, at last. This winter was brutal but it is oh, so nice to have emerged from it and have blessed warmer days ahead. I also feel like a dark heavy cloud has lifted a little in regards to family having left us. I admit it was very hard to be far away from family when I lost my aunts and dad. It wasn't easy. What has helped is nearly finishing my dad's urn and making small tokens of love/memories in his honor.

Life continues, regardless of what we're feeling. But it is so nice when the sky is gray and rainy on the days you feel like crying.

I'm glad for things changing and going on. It's a good thing and makes you remember that life is supposed to do that. It's easy to forget with distractions but it's much better to be still and see or walk and feel the wind upon your face.

sunny day haiku

grass has greened again, sun shines wind is cold but kind, we are walking thoughts -emily dimov-gottshall

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Leo Buscaglia - What is Essential is Invisible to the Eye

Being grateful for small things...

I stumbled upon some sad problems in the world and it made me feel like crying. Sometimes, we forget how amazing it is we are here. We are so lucky to have so, ability to read and write, safe places to live...we forget and assume they will always be there. Be grateful for this time and the here and now. Sometimes, it feels like things will always stay as they are but things are changing and growing. Hug those closest to us and say I love you, I forgive you and I'm so glad to have you in my life at this time.

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.


Friday, April 04, 2014

going to be published at Stuffed Magazine!

I still am in a daze about this. First, Sew Somerset and now Stuffed Magazine. Okay...deep breath. I'm going to definitely keep submitting and making more fun art dolls and quilts. I'm still a bit in shock in a good way. lol

Monday, March 31, 2014

So excited!!

I just got confirmation that I've gotten accepted for Sew Somerset magazine! I'm all aflutter and very happy. I'm so excited about it. It's the first theme I've submitted to and hopefully, the beginning of many more. I'm just tickled.

Now, I feel inspired to finish up more of my art dolls. I can't wait to see how my dolls look in print. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Awesome windy day

Another Saturday of wind and sunshine. A tad cold but fun. I'd be out flying a kite but we've got some stuff to do.  Hopefully, it will still be windy later on.

So far, the cat pushed out the screen and jumped out of the porch. Jon had to climb up a ladder to get him down...Finn! He was crying and the dogs started to cry too...but mostly because they had to go in the house and not be part of the excitement of getting Finn down. Anyway, all is well and the kitty is safe and sound. Stinkin' kitty.

I'm grateful for longer days and more sun. Of course, wear your sunblock, all year really. i found some great tips for watercolor art. I never thought of using a varnish on my work before. so, I will have to find a bottle and try it out. I hope it works well. It would be great if it did.

I was browsing pinterest and boy, what fun and what great ideas. So, I feel inspired and excited to try new techniques on some of my projects. I really, really want to make time to get things finished up. It seems I'm constantly battling to keep afloat of chores and really, it's not fair for one person to do it all. I wouldn't want to do that to anyone...let alone me. I'm going to get organized about how chores are done and by whom. If everyone pitched in, a half hour a day, it would get accomplished and quickly. What normally happens is I do 4 hours of chores a day and little to no time to do work/research/sell my work,etc. So, the lazy's have to be banished and people need to take responsibilities...other than me.

I'm also repairing a Soshi screen my sil gave me. It was torn up from her cat and I had to remove the screen. I've gotten 80% removed and have to flip it to get the other half. I have rice paper and I hope it fits...other wise, I will do 2 screen panels with rice paper and the other two with some other paper/material. It's all fun. We are all screens here...I have another one I'm repairing...I used cardboard covered in fabric but the panels fell out (or were punched out). Either way, I'm going to use fabric strips instead to give it a more cohesive feel. If I can get some cheap cork board, I'll add that.

one of my newer wood carvings~
I got my new foot pedal for my sewing machine...oh, I'm excited to try this!! It should allow me to do some free motion sewing for my art quilts. I hope I can do it well and not hurt my self in  the process.

We've got a hundred is a pit greenhouse...might be a few years for that. The raised bed/hoop garden is definitely happening and I'm so excited about that. It will be work but fun. Hopefully, we can get the large tree trimmed if it's not too damaged from age/crashes. Might have to get it taken out.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Flowers in my hair~

I need to go out and get some fresh flowers. Today is the sort of day you wish your garden was filled with some's warm and sunny but, alas, there is still snow on the ground. It's perfect for walking...and in my case, jogging with the dogs as they go into a bark/fight frenzy at the neighbor dogs. Penny decided to take off her collar and run crazy mad away and keep barking. I didn't realize I was only walking 1 dog and an empty collar till I looked down at the leash. Maybe we're walking off some of that winter weight some of us gained, ahem.

Anywho, I finally got her back on the leash and Scout calmed down to walk home. I was planning a longer walk but felt too ashamed to continue. I'll have to tighten that collar of Penny's or get a halter collar, I think.

I made a new wood carving:

Mad as a March hare

I really love how this one came out. Makes me happy and I'm pleased with the color and feel. If it was larger, I'd submit it to the juried art show but I feel it's too small. I just didn't think about this till too late. Ah, year. This is up for $45 if interested. I will be listing it later this week on eBay. So, keep an eye out. I'm thinking of doing some turtles, frogs and more rabbits of course.

I've got 15 min before I have to get ready for the kids. Thinking should I do a mini work out, laundry, clear off the dining room table or what. Boy, the time flies....glad I got some Spring cleaning/organizing earlier and going for that walk helped clear my head. Still, I'd like to do a little more self care (workout). We shall see.  Have a good Monday!


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